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Treat a cough and cold with Vasarishta

cold-flu-coughDon’t let the nasty cold and cough get the best of you. Take charge with some Ayurvedic remedies and cure the excruciating disease easily. Yes, by the Ayurvedic treatment you can cure your condition easily. See, cough and cold are a normal thing and to cure that people use medicine usually. But, does medicine really works? No, medicine only gives you instant relief. Medicine can’t cure this condition from its root along with this medicine can cause side effects. In fact, there are many studies present which show that consumption of medicine can make your condition worse.  If you are thinking that I am here to talk about medicine, you are wrong.

Through this article, I will tell you an astonishing Ayurvedic remedy which can cure a cough and cold easily. The name of that remedy is Vasarishta for a cough and cold. I know this name is new for you but, Vasarishta for a cough and cold is the most popular and potent cure.

Vasarist 2Vasarishta is an Ayurvedic medicine which is mainly used in the treatment of lung infections and asthma. The main ingredients which make this remedy most constructive is a vasakar and Malabar nut. It is basically a natural mucolytic agent which helps to break down the mucus in the respiratory passage and provide relief from a cough or congestion.

Vasarishta has an anti-asthmatic property which eases breathing in the patients with asthma. Arishtha is another name of Vasarishta and this is basically made by fermentative decoction in Ayurvedic treatment by boiling herbs in the water. Later do the fermentation process which gives them better therapeutic properties and improved drug delivery when consumed.

Arishtha is used to treat many other diseases such as common cold, bronchitis, and sinusitis. Apart from Arishtha, it is also called as Vasakasavam, Vasakarishta, Vasakasav, and Vasarista. This remedy is made from Vasakar plan and Malabar nut, Dhataki, Jaggery, Cardamom, Cinnamon, Patra, Concola, and Trikatu.


coughVasarishta for a cough and cold is the perfect remedy because it is natural mucolytic agent. The herbs from which this medicine is made from are helpful in the break down the mucus in the respiratory tract. If it is not cleared, it can block the air passage and can cause chest congestion and breathing difficulties. It acts as an expectorant and good for respiratory health. Because this is a natural ingredient so it will not give you any side effect.


coldThis is the reason that I am saying Vasarishta for cough and cold is the perfect remedy. In Ayurveda, Vasarishta is the trusted remedy which can cure a cold and cough easily. It produces decongestant and anti-allergic actions which help to reduce the symptoms of common cold. This medicine known to modifies the body’s response to the allergens in the environment like dust and toxins. Vasarishta also has anti-inflammatory properties which help you in congestion. Also, it reduces the swelling in the nose.

Vasarishta for a cough and cold is the treatment which can cure this condition faster than the medicine which you often use. Vasarishta is the most popular and helpful medicine in Ayurvedic treatment. Do you know what Ayurvedic treatment is? It might be possible that you have heard about this but hardly anyone knows about the oldest and powerful treatment.

Vasarishta.This treatment is native to India and it was developed more than 3,000 years ago. Ayurvedic treatment is based on the belief that health and wellness in totally depends on the balance between mind, body, and soul. It is the treatment which has potential to cure almost every disease from its root. Yes, Ayurvedic treatment is one of the treatments which can cure any disease from its root.

This is the reason that I am recommending you to use Vasarishta for a cough and cold treatment. It will never give you any bad results until you consume this more than its recommendation. The basic recommendation of this medicine for the patients of a cough and cold is a dose of 12ml, one or two times in a day. If you want you can increase the dosage amount if the condition is severe or you are not satisfied with the results. Patients are also advised to avoid sour foods during treatment with this medication.


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