Garlic- natural and best antibiotic

antiboiticsAntibiotic is very important thing for human if they want to live long and healthy life. What if you can get this benefit by adding garlic in your diet? Don’t be shocked, it can be. Actually, this is the perfect way to kill the bacteria. Yes, this is the ingredient which can help you to deal with bacterial, fungal infections and many other health complications. Okay tell me one thing why should we need antibiotics?

how-to-use-garlic-as-natural-antibioticAntibiotic are used to kill and inhibit the growth of bacteria. Although there are lots of antibiotics which have been used since thousands of years but using them can cause side-effects. So as a safe option you can go for natural ingredient which can be used as a perfect anti-biotic.

Certain plant extracts, food products and some essential oil contains anti-biotic properties. For examples you have probably heard about some vegetables or food extracts which can prevent the growth of the bacteria in the food. Sometimes these properties extend beyond the food and help you to maintain your personal hygiene.

So, over all antibiotics are very essential for our health and if we want to live healthy. We have to consume those food products which contain antibiotics. Just remember one thing that antibiotics are medication which is used to fight infections, especially those which are caused by bacteria.

Garlic- A Best Antibiotic

using-the-best-natural-antibiotics1Some foods including garlic contain antibiotic properties. Yes, garlic as antibiotic is the perfect remedy and by this you can not only prevent bacterial infections but also many other health complications. However, doctors will never advice you to use garlic or any other herb as antibiotic.  How can you use garlic as antibiotic we will discuss later? But first let me throw some light on the side-effects which you can get if you use prescribed antibiotics. It is very good thing if you use antibiotics to prevent bacterial infections, but it is said that too much of a good thing can turn into bad. Curious to know how is it so? Read ahead.

garlic antiWhen your body is overloaded with antibiotics, you are making your body to relay on the anti-bacterial medication. I think that you probably don’t know that this can cause more bacterial infections. Taking antibiotics can cause side effects such as you can experience stomach ache, diarrhea. It is also said that while you take antibiotics to treat an infection, they can sometimes cause a separate infection in the stomach.

But now you have an alternate option which help can you in this and that is garlic. Garlic as antibiotics is the ultimate ingredient that you can use. As you all know that garlic is mainly used in cooking but now you can use this to be fit and if you consume it on a regular basis you can prevent many diseases.

garlic-allergyIt’s in the studies that garlic is 100 times better than any antibiotic. Garlic as antibiotic is the best way to prevent bacterial infection because this will not kill your healthy bacteria like prescribed antibiotics will.

Allicin is the compound which contains antibiotic properties. Allicin is formed when the bulb of the garlic is crushed and this is also responsible for creating the scent of garlic. Garlic works inside by promoting the ability of white blood cells to fight infections. Also it stimulates other immune cells which fight viral, bacterial and cancer.

If you want effective and positive result after using garlic as antibiotic, you have to consume this raw. It should be crushed and exposed to the air for ten minutes before you consume this. So, that it can activate its germ killing compound. If you are thinking that garlic is very bad in taste, how can you consume.

garlic-cloves-Take few garlic cloves and extract its juice, two tomatoes and a lemon to make a tasty antibacterial and antiviral drink. For better taste you can add some sea salt in this. Drink this each day to deal with your condition. Garlic as antibiotic is the astonishing ingredient because like medicines it will not give you any kind of side effects.

As I mentioned garlic as antibiotic is one of the best ways to prevent bacterial infection, but do you know that this is key ingredient which can be used to treat or prevent many other diseases? No right? This is the best way to prevent many other diseases. Because this is natural so you can use this without taking any tension of getting side effects.


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