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A Cup Of Ginger Root Tea Can Treat Cough


coughJust imagine that you are in a classroom or in a meeting room and suddenly you start coughing. This seems so embarrassing, right? If you are tired of using so many medicines to cure your dear one’s cough and still not getting any results, I am here for you. I will help you in this and this article is for that person who is not getting rid of continues coughing. Yes, I know there are lots of medicines which can work very effectively on this condition but if you have something natural, why you have to run for others.
Coughing is the best way to clear your throat if any foreign irritants enter into your mouth. To clear your throat by coughing is an infrequent action, but there are a number of reasons which can cause coughing. Coughing can be annoying but normal coughing helps your body to stay fit. Coughs can be acute or chronic. Acute coughs began suddenly and usually last not more than three weeks. Acute coughs are that kind of coughs which you can get during cold and flu. While chronic coughs last more than three weeks. Some causes of chronic coughs are

Causes of Cough

cough causes

  • Chronic bronchitis
  • Asthma
  • Allergies
  • GERD
  • Smoking
  • Throat disorders
  • Certain types of medicines

After using so many medicines did you get your desired results? I think no, that’s why people are more likely to have this problem. According to studies if people use natural things or remedies to cure any kind of problem, they can cure their condition more effectively. Okay, tell me to have you used ginger root tea for a cough? Maybe not am I right? I know people who always use over the counter medicines don’t know about its benefits. But I want to share something-ginger has been used to cure various kinds of problems since thousands of years. Nowadays people use ginger to enhance the taste of your food. But, now you have an option to cure this condition by using ginger root tea for a cough. What are the benefits ginger contains let’s find out?


  • Ginger contains anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties which are known to alleviate bacteria.
  • By this root, you can get relief from congestion which develops in respiratory passage.
  • The gingerol (the compound of ginger) is very helpful to boost the immune system.
  • It coats the esophagus by which you can get relief from itchiness and irritation.
  • It soothes the throat and reduces the urge to cough.

It is important to control this condition otherwise it can cause other problems. Whenever you need to take any treatment to cure any kind of problem, try to use natural treatment option. The natural treatment option is the most effective treatment than anything. Ginger root for a cough is very helpful and this magical ingredient can cure lots of problems like nausea, muscle ache, osteoarthritis, decrease blood sugar levels, prevent heart disease and reduce menstrual pain.

How to use ginger root tea for a cough

ginger teaYou can use this by making tea and for this, you need one ginger root, lemon juice and one cup of water. Boil one cup of water and add grated ginger. After ten minutes switch off the flame and let the mixture to cool down little. After, cooling adds few drops of lemon juice and drink this solution two times in a day.

Ginger root tea for a cough is the best and easiest way to cure this condition. This is not a serious condition but you have to control this otherwise it can lead to more health complications. It is clinically proven that ginger root tea for a cough is the safe treatment option, isn’t enough for you? Look if you have a way to cure your problem naturally without harming yourselves, why you want to go for another? Over the counter medicines are good but medicines are not working properly. In that case, you can use ginger root tea.

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